Hybrid Solution Becomes an Integral Part of Educational Institutions

Hybrid Solution Becomes an Integral Part of Educational Institutions

A powerful hybrid conference solution HK changed digital communication in 2020 and it hasn’t stopped amazing the world ever since!

During the Coronavirus quarantine, the necessity for a compact platform for digital communication was enormous. Companies, educational institutions and communities had to use several programs to complete basic tasks that could keep virtual communication on a decent level. At that time, the discovery of a comprehensive hybrid conference solution HK was a great relief for many groups that could finally communicate effectively, despite the social distancing restrictions.

The name of this excellent platform that impressed the world during the crisis is UC. NOW. This hybrid conference solution contains all the tools a modern software needs. Users can use different methods for digital communication, they can submit materials, host events and maintain an active hub that can keep online engagement at a high level.

U.C. NOW gained enormous popularity during the quarantine time but its influence and importance stayed after it as well. The creators of the software used the opportunity to show its users how to engage online effectively and many prestigious institutions and large communities continued to use it as its main platform for digital communication afterwards.

The power of UC. NOW is in constant growth as numerous universities integrated it into their regular programs. The registration centre, webinar rooms, knowledge space, and business connection hub are only some of the features that clients can enjoy at UC. NOW. Considering its enormous success in Hong Kong, it is highly expected that users all around the world will recognize the great potential of the platform and upgrade their digital communication methodologies with the introduction of UC. NOW to their markets.